About Our Company

I-Solutions Ltd

Behind I-solutions there is an entrepreneurial concept to make such a company which has capacity to meet safety and automation demands of local industry. I-solutions focus on a niche market of security systems industry in Pakistan, which requires an experienced and skilled team to handle the delicate job. I-solutions is providing services to its valued clients for last 8 years since 2012. We are working with pioneer security and automation companies like HLS, while holding our personal services clientele of 300+ customers all across Lahore.

          Our industry-leading solutions come from an unflagging dedication to providing customized solutions. We strive to build long term relationships based on mutual trust resulting from meeting customer expectations. We assure you that we can assist your organization in reaching optimum service quality.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to become the leading building service provider in Punjab  and reach out to all over Pakistan and become a recognized and trusted entity. To reach this goal we strive to be the best bidder and to deliver the highest standard of quality in our services.

Objective and Vision

  • To maintain a high standard of performance and efficiency of the company’s Operations.
  • To provide a product or service which exceeds the Client’s specific quality requirements
  • Enhance reputation.
  • Remain competitive in the market.
  • Preserve optimum competency and performance of all staff.
Services and Experience

Why Choose Us

We are professionals.   We take our work professionally and deliver the best possible solution to our customers. All our works are monitored and supervised by qualified Electrical  Engineers, Who design and plan solution dedicatedly as per site requirements.  

Surveillance Solution

You can choose between IP, analogue and wireless systems based on your specific needs. We provide in reality what we OFFER. We design solution with optimum quality with skilled workmanship.

Gate Automation

Our solution provides you with the convenience for gates to open without leaving the comfort of your car to safe time and be secure. We provide internationally proven products, like Centurion and King gates .

10+ Years Experience

Offering Quality and Dedication to our valued clients
  • Authentic Solution
  • Best Rates
  • Skilled Team
  • Quality Workman ship
  • Quality After Sales

Electric Fence

A high voltage shock combined with a physical electric fence barrier will deter anyone from attempting to penetrate Electric fence. We are official Importer and Distributor of Nemtek (South Africian) products.

IT Infrastructure & Services

Out Network team comprises of certified engineers; is highly skilled and experienced in designing and deploying state of the art, complex and latest network, Servers, and Data Center infrastructures.
Questions and Answers for Competitors

General FAQs

Here we are going to educate, what you should be looking  for and what  you should not fall for, for detailed information please follow our MYTHS page.

Mostly Facebook ads CCTV providers offer under quality solution while offering 2MP camera's they give 1080N/ Lite XVR's  which in real record 1.03MP only and 4-5 years old used hard disks.

To Cut the cost many vendors are providing Chinese system which are of low quality. Secondly if Nemtek to save cost of systems offered are without keypad and light. Also Such systems are installed with spring-spring configuration rather international recommendation of Spring - Tensioner configuration.

Chinese solutions does not have any reliability and also does not have it's battery backup in case of power failure. International brands like Centurion offer complete independent solutions.

Our Team Members

Our Core Team

We are team of qualified and responsible individuals who work together to their best and form a synced running machine. We promise to deliver the best of our abilities.

Electrical Engineer PEC# 32144 Serving Industry since 2012
Director Sales and Admin ~ ` Serving Industry since 2008
Senior Network Engineer Certified 12 Years Hands on Experience
D.A.E (Electrical )Technical Team Lead
Manager HR
Manager Customer Services