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Our solution provides you with the convenience for gates to open without leaving the comfort of your car to save time and be secure from any unwanted guests at your gate. The kind of solution you may need, it depends on your property and the gate design which your architect has designed for your house. Our team, will guide you with best possible solution that will be reliable and aesthetically beautiful for your home. We will guide you through every step of the process of designing and choosing the best system to meet your needs and budget. All this can be designed and customized to get your ideal automatic gate set up.

What We are Offering

Introduce efficiency to your gate automation and access control with leading solutions by Centurion

 About Centurion

The company has a range of products to control the access of people and vehicles at residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and offers the best quality products that require very little maintenance and offer efficient operation.

The company’s products are currently exported to over 70 countries worldwide and it is one of the most favorite brands in the world for gate automation and access control.

i-solutons is a leading installers for Centurion Systems products and solutions in Pakistan. You can order Centurion solutions at great prices from us, talk to our product experts today.

  • Sliding Gate Motors
  • Swing Gates

Centurion offers a range of sliding gate motors that provide the ultimate security and convenience for users. The brand offers sliding gate motors for light use residential gates as well as lightning-fast high-speed industrial sliding gate motors that can move a gate weighing up to 1000kg.


Centurion D5 Smart Sliding Gate Operator

Manage your gates in a safe, secure, and convenient way with the intelligent Centurion D5 Smart. It is a fast and reliable sliding gate motor that offers easy mobile-based setup and operation.

Key Features

  • Offers reliable battery backup during power failures and outages
  • Capable of operating gates at a remarkable speed of 60 cm/sec
  • Easy to install and operate from the convenience of your smartphone
  • Comes with a solid cage for extra protection and security from potential threats
  • Provides wireless and effortless operation with advanced diagnostic feedback.

 Centurion D5 Smart is an intelligent sliding gate operator engineered exclusively for domestic and light industrial applications. It is capable of moving gates weighing up to 500kg at a reliable speed of 36m/min and 17kgf push force. It features a revolutionary design and SMART-technology-backed hardware components for intelligent logging and effortless wireless operation.

Plus, the body has an IP-55 rated construction, built to protect the gear motor from dust, moisture, and other related environmental factors. Contact i-solutions today to buy this product or to learn more about it from our sales expert. 

Fast, Powerful & Intelligent Motors for All Types of Swing Gates

Make your life more easy and comfortable with our powerful swing gate motors. Featuring a modern design, all are designed to introduce safe and fast swing gate automation in your facility.

Introducing the Most Reliable & Redefining Swing Gate Motors

Forget the inconvenience of opening and closing the gate manually with our intelligent swing gate motors. They are designed and engineered to make your life more comfortable by automating the movement of all kinds of swing gates.

Be it residential, commercial, or industrial swing gate, our powerful motors are capable of controlling and operating them all conveniently. Tested in the most extreme living and working conditions, our swing gate operators are built to offer the best work cycle, gate speed, and performance to meet all of your automation & security needs.

All the swing gate automation solutions are brought to you exclusively by i-solutions. We are the premium distributor of domestic and industrial swing gate motors/operators in Pakistan.

Protect your Facility with Our Swing Gate Automation Solutions

Gate Motors for Domestic Swing Gates 

Now no more to get up and open your swing gate manually with our smart domestic swing gate motors. Engineered by keeping every security factor in mind, they deliver remarkable performance and keep your property safe from potential threats & hazards.

  • Easy to install

  • Can easily be controlled from a smartphone app and remote control
  • Modern design
  • Reliable battery backup
  • Compatible with all kinds of domestic swing gates

Gate Motors for Industrial Swing Gates

Designed for intensive use, our industrial swing gates are ideal for automating large, heavy-duty swing gates in commercial and industrial facilities. They come with a built-in control unit, magnetic encoder, and capable of keeping your facility safe & secure all the time.

  • Compatible with all types of swing gates
  • Saves time by offering fast and reliable performance
  • Features modern, sleek design
  • Reliable battery backup
  • Easy to install and simple to use

Safe Operation Guaranteed with Obstacle Detection Technology

  • Don’t worry if your kid, pet, or staff member gets in the way during the gate operation. Our swing gate motors are backed by intelligent obstacle detection technology that immediately stops the gate operation when someone accidentally gets in the way.

·        Schedule, Program and Decide Automations According to Your Needs

  • Our swing gate operators or motors allow you to schedule, program, and set automations according to your lifestyle, routine, and security requirements. On combination with intelligent control systems, the swing gate motors become more functional and offer beyond imagination features.

·        Easy to Install & Simple to Use

  • Depending on the installation and security requirement, you can select any type of swing gate motor and secure your facility. All are easy to install, don’t demand regular maintenance, and super convenient for users of all age groups

·        Available with Extra Battery Backu

Centurion Swing Gate Motor – VERT-X

CYNTSYS VERT-X linear swing gate motors are ideal for domestic use and are aesthetically blending with any home design. The gate comes with an open-nut drive system, advanced diagnostic capabilities, and a rugged die-cast aluminium construction.

Key Features

  • Open-nut drive system housed in rugged die-cast aluminium construction
  • Supports inward- and outward-opening gates
  • Closed-loop speed control for safe and reliable operation
  • The battery-driven electric motor fits unobtrusively on existing swing gates and is very easy to install using the LCD interface. The operator supports both inward and outward opening without the need for installing and mechanical end stops. The motor supports automated limit setup for double and single swing gates. The VERT-X motor features fail-safe operation, collision detection system, and closed-loop speed control for reliable operation, which ensures safety as well.
  • Just like the VANTAGE swing gate operator, the gate VERT-X as well features intruder-detection alarm modes and on-board code-hopping multichannel receiver. The user can easily add or delete remote controls. Buy VERT-X swing gate motors in the region from i-solutions. Talk to our product team today.

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