Worried for the security of your home and beloved family.Probably you cannot afford a security guard or any high tech security device presented in Hollywood movies. Worry not, because HLS Burglar Alarm Systems  by i-solutions Pakistan offers the best deal in your town.

i-solutions is working with leading Burglar Alarm System company HLS in Pakistan as third party service provider since 2011.We are providing survey, assessment,  pre-sales, installation and troubleshooting services for HLS Burglar Alarm systems.

An extensive operating range and complete event log helps you keep track on the thieves and burglars, trying to hijack your house. Now you can go out for vacations or sleep sound at night without worrying for someone to break into your house. i-solutions brings the HLS best wirless system for your home, office or anywhere you want security. State of the art technology and extra sensitive sensors makes our burglar alarm system best of all. We know the value of your money and that is why we make sure to add value to it.


* Alarm gets triggered over any situation being interrupted.
* Signal Sent to Command Centre via Phone line/GSM
* HLS Verify alarm within seconds
* HLS Alerts the Customers
* HLS Can Alert Emergency Services,
* Like Security services, Police, Rescue, Fire Brigade

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