Upcoming Facebook Marketing Trends in 2014

Upcoming Facebook Marketing Trends in 2014 Promoted Posts In 2013, Promoted Posts took on a new level of popularity. They weren’t exactly old, but they picked up a bigger head of steam after Facebook’s guidelines changed to allow marketers more freedoms when using the option. For advertisers using Facebook for business, this provided a low-cost…

job search tool

Great Job Search Tool

Web 2.0 : Great Job Search Tool A resume sometimes isn’t enough in this world of social networking and blogs. In the new Web 2.0 world of interactive Internet, Web 2.0 tools are available that can play a role in your job search. You may not be certain who’s who and what’s what in the…


How to Spend Only 10 Minutes Each Day on Twitter

How to Spend Only 10 Minutes Each Day on Twitter? The No. 1 complaint from businesses new to social media is: “I just don’t have time.” What these people don’t realize is that social media doesn’t always require a huge commitment, especially Twitter. As Facebook constantly changes its algorithm and increases preference for promoted posts…

local business listing

Top Sites for Local Business Listings

Top Sites for Local Business Listings: If you opt in to our local listing service, we get your business information out to 40+ sites! Many of these sites allow for enhanced listings and include sections for business hours, photos, logo, descriptions, menus, deals/specials, and more! Your information stays accurate and up-to-date across all of these…